Consistent, interactive, and accessible employee communications.

 VideoMuno develops custom content that speaks to every employee at
every stage — from new hire to retire.

“VideoMuno is a highly engaging tool that is very user friendly. Employees appreciated getting a message that they could view on their own time, with their families, and on a platform of their choice.”

— Jace Bastian, Dyno Nobel Benefits Manager

“VideoMuno enhances our organization’s ability to provide mass communication to our employees and gives them additional resources to rely on. It’s especially valuable to our remote employees.”

— Hailey Bray, Western Governors University Benefits Manager

Give employees and their families the ability to review crucial benefits, enrollment and compensation information at their own pace, on their own terms.

Employees can drilldown to learn more about specific topics as they consume information about broader topics like Open Enrollment.

Help your employees decide which benefits plans or compensation packages are best for them with intuitive decision-making tools that are seamlessly integrated in
your videos.
With VideoMuno interactive videos, employees don’t just consume information like they normally do in training or seminars. They act on it, leading to faster learning and increased comprehension.

VideoMuno offers the most interactive and engaging online employee training and communication tool available improve the way you educate your employees on topics like: Medical Benefits Education, Open Enrollment, Compensation Review, Talent Development, and HR Management Training. VideoMuno’s products increase the efficiency of your business and employees while helping you attract better talent — and keep it for longer.

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